Let me guess…

You want to wake up every morning feeling energized, refreshed and optimistic about the day ahead.

You want the enthusiasm to get out there and meet people who get you, inspire you and accept you just as you are.

And you want to have the courage to put yourself first for once, instead of always prioritizing your partners’, kids, or boss’ needs ahead of your own.

But most of all, you want to remember what it feels like to feel truly alive again.

The trouble is right now, you’re not living – you’re just existing.

You’re trapped in a rut and going through the motions of life, but you’re not really living it.

If You’re really honest you know you’ve let your body go. Life happened. And while you were busy fighting fires and taking care of everyone else, your own self-care went completely out of the window.

Your body that once felt strong, toned and sexy, now just feels tired, squishy and bloated and despite trying over and over to drop the pounds, the solutions that worked in your twenties and early thirties don’t seem to be doing it for you anymore.

You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and while you know it’s high time things changed, you just haven’t got the first clue where to start. The truth is, you can’t quite remember what it feels like to be truly happy with yourself and you’re just not sure who you are anymore.

Nancy was 100% committed to my success and with her accountability and support I was able to stay consistent to my workouts and meal plan. To this day, if I fall off, she is right there to get me back on track!”

Elsa H.

That’s where I come in…

I’m Nancy and as a Holistic Health and Fitness Coach, I work with women all over the world who are ready to re-connect with themselves and start feeling like they are their fit, fabulous, feisty self again (or maybe for the first time).

This is coaching – but not as you know it. I believe in putting the feelings you crave ahead of everything else – you know why?

Working together, I’ll help you re-connect with your inner-self and hold the space as you re-create your vision of what you want your future to look like. We’ll examine all the ways in which your current lifestyle choices are supporting or sabotaging the desired feelings, lifestyle and health goals you crave.

And I’ll work with you to determine nutritionally what will work best for you by being true to your own unique bio-individuality.

By making small but deliberate choices in your daily life, you will totally transform your mind, body and soul from the inside out.

You don’t need another fad diet or magic pill – that’s not the answer.

You just need to turn your attention inward. I’m here to be your guide and I’ll show you how.


Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Quantum Transformational Coach
International Sports Sciences Association Personal Trainer
International Sports Sciences Association Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Precision Nutrition Level One ProCoach
PaddleFit Paddlboard Instructor

My Story


I finally felt like I was on the verge of having it all. I was a highly successful realtor, I was married to the love of my life and we had a wonderfully happy son together. I was fit, healthy, financially sound and life was shaping up exactly as I had always imagined it would.

Then in October 2008, everything changed. My husband suddenly became ill and was diagnosed with Glioblastoma – stage 4 brain cancer. Our lives were instantly turned upside-down and despite almost a year of trying to sty optimistic, my husband eventually succumbed to the devastating disease and passed away in 2009, leaving me alone with my 4-year old son, Alexander.

On top of it all, we were facing the worst economic crisis of our century and the real estate market was being hit the hardest. I was not only grieving the loss of my husband, but also trying to pick up the pieces of a huge personal financial disaster, while also raising my son. For over two years I stumbled through life in a fog, not really knowing who I was or what I would do, and just trying to do the best I possibly could for Alexander. Eventually I made my way back into real estate but, truthfully, I found it was almost impossible to enjoy the career I’d once loved as a single mom with no support. But, it was what I knew so I stayed. I was lonely and depressed in a deep, dark funk.

One day I looked at myself and realized I’d lost my lust for life. I looked bad, I felt bad and I was making bad decisions about the way I was treating myself. I knew I couldn’t control all the external events in my life but I could try and take better care of myself again, if for no other reason than to ensure I’d be around as long as possible for Alexander. I had a few hand weights and some workout videos so I cleared a small space in my garage and began to workout again. It was tough at first, I was out of shape and lacked energy, but I stuck with it and slowly I began to feel like myself again. I even dared to go out with someone new and soon we became quite serious. Life, it seemed, was back on the upswing.

Now they say lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice, but I’m not so sure.

Without much warning my new love suddenly died of pancreatic cancer. It was another devastating blow, and I remember thinking, “Are you kidding me God?” Besides dealing with grief all over again and that of my son (if you’re a mother I’m sure you can only imagine the pain I felt watching my son deal with grief yet again), I had lost my faith. Was I not worthy? Was this karma for mistakes I’d made along the way? I kept asking “why, why, why?” I fell back into a deep funk, wallowing in self-pity and self-sabotage.

But not for long, I realized I couldn’t let years go by again feeling like I had before. I couldn’t let myself go back to that lonely, depressed place again. I had to dig deep. I had the faintest flicker of a memory of how I used to feel when I worked out so I decided, if nothing else,I would do that again. Some days I cried my way through my entire workout, some days I would give it my all. But what was consistent was every day I showed up in my garage and I was there for no one apart from myself.

And soon the transformation started happening – not just physically but also mentally. My workouts became my therapy. I started caring about myself again, not just as a mom, but also for me. I began reading personal development books, thinking more optimistically about my future and switching my focus forward toward where I wanted to be. Having been vegetarian and vegan for over half my life, I’d always been interested in nutrition so I decided to go back to school and enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I knew I could no longer rely on others to provide the joy and happiness in my life – it had to be an inside job. So I let my energy gravitate in the direction of the things I loved: fitness, health and the water. I’d always loved boating and water skiing and being by the water – but you needed other people for that. But I wouldn’t be held back; I went online and found a paddle board class and signed up there and then. Being back on the water made me feel more adventurous, alive and playful than I had in years and I realized that, by paying close attention to my body, the things that bought me joy and the ways I wanted to feel, I felt more and more in alignment with my inner-self.

I want that for you too!

I’m here to provide the support, inspiration and guidance you need to make the rest of your life a truly authentic, soulful expression of the inner-you.

I know first-hand how nourishing health and fitness is for the soul, and how tuning into what your body is asking for can create profound change not only in your physical health, but also in your mindset, your relationships, your creativity and much, much more.

Nothing would bring me greater joy than to hold your hand and be your guide as you tune into the feelings you crave and the future you desire, and envision a plan that will get you there.

There is no better time to take control of your health, fitness and rediscover your lust for life.

Start making the right small changes to see big results!

I promise, it’ll be easier than you think, especially with me by your side!