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Avoid This Weight Loss Scam



Nancy is a Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Weight Loss Coach. She is committed to helping you KILL the fat on your body and the F.A.T. in your mind (false assumed truths) that hold you back from living your best life.

Summer is almost here, and that means the annual tradition of new diets and “get thin quick” schemes will be popping up everywhere like spring flowers.
If you’re like most dieters, each failed attempt to reach your goal and keep the weight off erodes your self-confidence and keeps you up late at night saying things to yourself that you wouldn’t dare utter to your best friend.
When it comes to new, incredible diets, the “shiny object syndrome” definitely applies. You might catch yourself thinking that you haven’t lost weight yet because you lack the willpower, and that this new diet will finally be the one to get you bikini ready – fast!
Except… there’s just one problem with this. All these new diets are based on a fundamental scam that will keep you fat forever. People keep telling you that if only you have this outside thing, this special plan and secret, you’ll lose weight.
The scam is that there is something outside of you that can make you lose weight. There’s no solution “out there in the world” to change the way your body looks; if you want to lose weight, you need to fundamentally shift your mindset, how you feel about yourself and put in the effort.
The weight loss and dieting industries make billions of dollars each year by churning and burning through this misperception of how weight loss works. And we have bought into it – we’ve been scamming ourselves – for years!
Once you realize that the answers will come from within, you can put structures and tools into place to facilitate this new shift. Start with these three (and by the way, these are the first 3 steps to long-term weight loss that we focus on in my signature program, NLGFusion, Lose Weight and Feel Great For Life).
Step 1: Assess Yourself
I can guarantee that skipping this step will ensure failure. This is because you can’t begin without knowing where you’re starting. Get on the scale. Take your measurements. Take photos from the front, side and back. I know it’s painful and I recall my own despair when I started my journey (and sadly, over and over again until I finally figured out what I am going to teach you). I wouldn’t tell you to take this step if it wasn’t critical to your success.
Next, record what you’re eating. Now we track macros in my programs, but it also important to notice the thoughts you have about your body and your self-worth as you make food choices. Write them down. You have to address how you feel about food and what needs are being met by your current choices. It’s not just about the food. It’s about how you are using food to meet your needs. Trust me, you will be shocked when you look back over the results.
Step 2: Design Your Plan
Now that you have a starting point and you have collected the right data, it’s time to design a plan and make a commitment for better health and happiness. This is about the logistics, but you have to be really honest with yourself when you envision your journey. What steps are you actually willing to take consistently? If you try to lose weight in a manner that doesn’t feel sustainable in the long run (you know- cutting out food groups you love and our body needs, following a strict meal plan that doesn’t allow for…well, life), you might fail miserably and you will probably gain back all the weight you lost and then some. YIKES!
The all-or-nothing approach always leads to nothing and dieters fail because they set their standards too high. They white knuckle through the all until they fall into nothing. You’re too smart for that trap!
When designing your plan, you need to know how many calories and macronutrients your body requires to operate properly in weight loss mode. Do you know your target number? Besides eating the correct amount of calories and macronutrients, you need to exercise. I say this all the time “movement is not optional” (and by the way, it’s not vain either to exercise, I hear this way too many times).
Step 3: Reframe Your Mindset
Change the mind, change the body.
This is the single most important element to make a practical, achievable and sustainable change. It’s also the antidote to the #1 weight loss scam I told you about at the beginning of this blog post! If you skip this step, you are not going to have one hell of a time staying committed. The excuses will always win out because you mentally weren’t ready.
Here’s how you can reframe common unhelpful thoughts:
“I am on a diet, which means I am depriving myself…I’m already hungry!” turns into “I love enjoying healthy foods that keep my body nourished and that I get to eat them in abundance!”
“Exercise is death by treadmill” becomes, “I feel strong and energized when I lift weights.”
“I’ll be happy when I reach my goal weight,” becomes, “I’m so proud of myself that I’m working this hard to lose weight, and it makes me really happy to see the small successes along the way.”
Practice reframing your thoughts.
Are you ready to really do the mental work it takes to change your life?

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

Becoming fit and healthy isn’t a one-time affair, it’s a lifelong passion.



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