Skinny Size Me: Ten Tips to Shrink Your Portions

Did you find you might have eaten a bit too much these past, crazy months? Not having any type of schedule, or being completely over-scheduled, can do that and now you, like many others, may find it’s time to tighten up the reins again. Here’s a great place to start. Anyone who has ever tried […]

You probably want to do this tonight

Have you lost sleep over the past several weeks? A lot of people have – with all the uncertainty in the world with coronavirus concerns and everything related to it, it definitely can take its toll! I’ve got an email packed with sleep tips today – all tied in with something else that plays a […]

This is what happens when you stop exercising

You already know that exercise is good for you, right? It’s proof that everything is related when it comes to a healthy lifestyle! Exercise boosts your immune system (more important than ever right now!), cuts your stress, and is good for your sleep, your mood, your muscles, your heart, etc. etc. Well … we can’t […]

Why your mood isn’t all “in your head”

Has the coronavirus pandemic made you feel nervous, worried, or on edge? You might have had an uneasy feeling in your belly over it – and that’s because a big part of your stress response happens inside your gut. And it actually can impact your health and wellness! That stress response comes from your secret […]

You have 4 pounds of THIS in your gut

In the midst of the Coronavirus right now, having a strong and healthy immune system is more important than ever! There are steps you can take to make yourself healthier, and I’ve got a great series that focuses on a super important part of your immune health: your gut! There has been a LOT of […]

When you don’t trust your body

Now that we are home all the time, it is really important to tap into your intuitive eating because the number one place visited during this quarantine is the kitchen, searching in the refrigerator or pantry for something to fill a void.  Remind yourself everyday you will pay attention to your bodies cues and if […]