You’ve only got one body and one life.

Ready to make them count?

You can feel exhaustion hanging off of you every morning when you roll out of bed, before you’ve even faced your day. And with every life change, you’ve changed — and so has your body.

Sometimes, you obsess over whether or not your husband still finds you attractive. You wonder if you’re letting your kids down, because you’re too tired to do what you used to. Or you worry about others thinking you’re lazy (when you’re far from it), simply because you’re carrying a few extra pounds.

And as much as you want to make a change, you feel like you’ve already been-there-tried-that. You’ve tread through a sea of conflicting and confusing diets. Tested every new workout trend, from old school Jane Fonda videos to I-might-throw-up spin classes. And yes, you’ve watched a lot of Oprah, too.

But you didn’t get the results you wanted, or the ones you got didn’t last. You still haven’t found a healthy lifestyle you can actually stick to (or want to). And you’re ready to break out of this health rut and do something for yourself — for once. You’re just stuck on the “how”.


This is where I partner with you to get the results you’re craving without all the wasted efforts and “falling off the wagon”. I meet you where you’re at. I work within your reality. And I don’t come with judgments.  

Just call me the Thelma to your Louise. We’re in this together, no excuses or playing the blame game.

I want you to know that this is about SO much more than a meal plan or burning more calories than you consume.
It’s about:

  • Figuring out what you’re truly hungry for, so you’re not reaching for peanut butter M&Ms all day long to satisfy your cravings for excitement, relaxation and joy.
  • Pursuing passions for pure pleasure, so you remember what it feels like to have time for YOU again (and not feel guilty about taking it).
  • Finding movement that feels like a fun daily escape for you, instead of like another chore on your to-do list.
  • Stressing less and sleeping more, so you have the balance and focus to tackle whatever your day brings.
  • Turning healthy living into a social affair with your friends and family, so it feels more like a party and less like a second job.
  • Finding fuel in wholesome food — while still having the convenience and variety you got from “fast food”.
  • Loving how those hip-hugging jeans look on you even more than the rack or mannequin.
  • Leaving your cover-ups at home when you go to the beach and taking your paddleboard or volleyball instead.
  • Feeling younger and healthier than ever, while everyone else is complaining about “the joys of getting older” and that new cholesterol medication they’re taking.

Yes, it’ll take work to get the body and life you want— not just fantasizing about it. But my approach is all about making consistent changes, not complicated ones. And I believe that the TRUE marker of your success isn’t the number on the scale, but how you feel in your body.

“I have a chronic illness that limits my strength and endurance. When I started working with Nancy, I wasn’t sure I could even manage a 30 minute workout or use weights. She encouraged me to “just start” and do only what I could do. She accepted my limitations and never judged. She always supported my efforts, and by staying accountable to her, I stayed accountable to myself. I followed the nutrition program and workouts, and not only did I lose weight, gain energy and strength, but I really felt like my active self again. If you’re having trouble getting started or staying consistent, I strongly recommend Nancy — she’s as dedicated to you reaching your goals as you are!”
Michelle M.