I’ve got an eye-opening nutrition tip for you in this email about your muscle repair and recovery.

Before I get into it, it’s important to note that (if you didn’t already notice!), nutrition and diet is a huge topic with so much emerging new science.

BUT … here’s some indisputable background for my nutrition tip, which is all about protein.

Your body is basically made of protein.

Your body uses it to build your muscles, organs, skin and tendons … plus proteins are a major part of the enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and more that your body uses to drive hundreds of its functions.

Not only is your body basically constructed of protein, it’s also the macronutrient that satisfies your hunger for the longest period of time. That can be helpful if you’re battling cravings or trying to cut down on your overall food intake.

So in a nutshell  … protein is super important!

That’s the background … but here’s the tip:

A lot of us load up on protein-heavy foods one or two times a day – with our dinner or lunch.

But studies show that this might not actually be the most effective way to get the most out of ths vital nutrient!

A better bet: spread your protein intake over the course of the day, having a small to moderate amount with each meal.  

Researchers say that it will help you with muscle repair and recovery … and it can even help your body keep its muscle as you get older.

In fact, they even say that having a light protein snack before bed can help if you are concerned about muscle loss.

Some of the best sources of protein include:  


•             Tofu
•             Legumes
•             Nuts/Seeds


•             Poultry
•             Meat
•             Fish

And if getting protein is a challenge, you also can try using a protein powder in your morning smoothie.  

Your muscles work so hard for you all day long … help fuel them with the building blocks they need to keep them healthy and strong!

If you need help with a plan that works for you and your goals, I am here to help!


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