Chase the Goal, Chase the Feeling

6 Month Personalized, one-on-one Coaching
and Accountability Program

Are you frustrated with the diet roller coaster, fatigued and tired of not seeing the results you want? Are you missing out on your BEST LIFE because of shame and lack of confidence, desire or energy? 


Hustle and



An expertly designed nutrition plan and lifestyle program created on the foundation of four imperative pilars to help you achieve the most confident and healthy version of YOU! 

For 6 months, you and Nancy will work intimately together to navigate your journey using these principals to help you establish the mindset and habits to achieve a body and life you love to live in.


Together we will identify:

- Where you're at
- Your Goals
- Your "WHY"
- Observe Food intake


Together we will evaluate:

-Macro Tracking


Together we will work on:



Together we will learn:

-Trusting the Journey
-Personal Vision
-Chase the Goal, Chase the Feeling

Bonus 1

“Ditch the Diet™” Body Transformation Method

Lose weight, love the skin
you’re in and feel AMAZING. I’ll show you how to eliminate frustration, eat with
freedom and exercise with ease. This method works even if you feel like you’ve tried every diet on the planet.

Bonus 2

“I CAN™” Mind and Body Alignment Technique

I’ll teach you how to stop the
vicious cycle of self-doubt, self-sabotage and negative self-talk! It’s time to OBLITERATE the cycle of broken promises that you’ve made to yourself!

Bonus 3

My Permission Slip™ System

Unlock your personal power, inside and out, as I walk you through the process of giving yourself the permission and approval you’ve been longing for, even if you are waiting for “the perfect time” to take a stand for YOU!

This is where I partner with you to get the results you’re craving without all the wasted efforts and “falling off the wagon”. I meet you where you’re at. I work within your reality. And I don’t come with judgments. Are your ready to get unstuck and become unstoppable?




20 Minute Complimentary Discovery Session