Do you want

lasting fat loss, more energy and confidence, but feel overwhelmed and tired with all the fad diets, and discouraged because nothing has worked for real life?

After the chaos, stress and fatigue of 2020, I knew I had to create something REALLY special for you. This BRAND NEW program was designed to give you the tools and support you need to create a sustainable healthy, active and self-loving lifestyle. 


Heart and Hustle

Lose Weight and FEEL GREAT FOR LIFE!

The Results Formula that works:
(Nutrition+Fitness+Fasting) x Accountability = RESULTS
Accountibility is the the missing piece of most programs and the one that gets you to results.  Did you know – only 20% percent of women actually complete a program they purchase and from that 20% only half maintain results?  And the rest gain their weight back and more!  
Not you, not this time!
Work with me for the next 12 weeks and I’ll show you the simple method that gets your results and keeps you feeling great – for life!  And yes, this works…..even if you feel you have tried everything before or it won’t happen because of your age!

Knowing what you need to do, but not knowing how to do it?

Counting calories and agonizing over the scale?


Feeling guilty of self sabotage and lack of discipline? 

watching the years go by and the pounds come on?

trying every diet and seeing no results?

STOP the yo-yo dieting,  FIX the mid-life weight gain,  CONTROL the emotional eating, and

step into freedom

Leave the past in the past and don’t feel defeated for not seeing the results you’ve been looking for. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds…

Change your mindset, and change your life – Right Now! Stop comparing. Stop thinking about food. Start living! Together we will kill the F.A.T. – on your body and those FALSE ASSUMED TRUTHS that are holding you back: I’m too old, It’s too late, I’ve tried everything before, I’ll never lose weight because of my hormones…

step into your power with

Hustle and Heart

I created this program just for you! If you are ready to push past what’s been holding you back,
lose the weight and feel great …for life!

I really want you to succeed, so I am offering special

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Hustle and Heart Package

• NLG 65 Page Nutrition Guide that answers your most pressing questions and finally clearing up confusion • Getting Started Guide • Weekly Training Modules • Weekly Worksheets • Fitness Coaching and Instruction • Daily Check-In Accountability • Bonuses • Meal Plan Recipe Guides (Vegan and Regular Options) • 8 personal coaching calls
I'm ready to talk about it!

Not sure this program is for you?

Let’s talk about exactly what NLG Fusion will do to empower you with the tools and support to achieve your goals

EnoughYouAre copy

Hustle and Heart is a 12 week online weight loss program unlike anything else you have experienced.

This is your turn by turn system to help you clarify where you are at, identify where you want to go, and take the right path to get there.

Enjoy your favorite foods without feeling “bad” or condemning your lack of willpower

Wake up with confidence and self-love

Let go of that nasty inner critic and become your own cheerleader that supports your dreams

Get dressed in the morning believing in yourself and knowing that you are worth it all (including the greatest things in life like love and chocolate!)




Get your life back and join me on a journey of a lifetime.  

Hustle and Heart is a 12 week online weight loss program unlike anything else you have experienced. This is your turn by turn system to help you clarify where you are at, identify where you want to go, and take the right path to get there.


 Nancy Leeds Gribble

 I help women restore their confidence and realize they can create a body the love living in, at any age! Trust me, I’ve been where you are – struggling with hormone imbalances, yo-yo diet fails and poor body image – and I am here to tell you that YOU ARE ENTIRELY POSSIBLE! 

With me by your side, you will have a passionate accountability partner in your corner who is 100% dedicated to your success. I will help you get unstuck and become unstoppable with the following tools: Expert Nutrition Planning, goal-getter growth exercises, positive affirmations, healthy habits, and mentorship. 

here is what you get when 

you say yes to you

An investment of this one of a kind program with professional support would cost you well over $1600

Your investment: 3 payments of $166.33

Your personalized journey includes:

Early Action Takers pay in full and SAVE even more!

This is about so much more than the food on your plate.  Hustle and Heart, Lose Weight and feel great for life is designed for real women in real life…. NOW IS YOUR Time!

It’s also about changing your state of mind so you:

And Don’t forget the bonuses!! When you sign up I’ll also include a few surprise bonuses!


Mirror Work

I will personally teach you Mirror work, it is one of the most powerful exercises for building self-esteem, increasing self-confidence, and creating inner joy.
Of course, I’m saying yes to me!


Intermittent Fasting 101

Gain energy and feel ageless! Find out what all the Hype is about if it’s right for you, and how to get started. I will provide you with a plan and some super yummy recipes!
Of course, I’m saying yes to me!


Master Your Mobility™

Functional fitness exercises to ensure your mobility so that you can keep moving well in your workouts and life!
Of course, I’m saying yes to me!


Heart and Hustle

Lose weight and feel great for life 

in real life

In just 12 weeks NLG Fusion Program will shift you into the person you’ve always wanted to become

We should take our health seriously, but not ourselves. My clients have had so much success learning how to change their behaviors, habits, and mindset so they can lose weight and create a body and life they love to live in.   

Now is your time

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