Think You’re Ready to Shed the Fat? You Might Be Wrong.



Nancy is a Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Weight Loss Coach. She is committed to helping you KILL the fat on your body and the F.A.T. in your mind (false assumed truths) that hold you back from living your best life.

Everyone who ever started a weight loss program thought they were ready to lose weight.  They came to terms with the fact that something had to change with the body they were living in and it was time to eat better, move better, lose weight and get healthy.

So why do so many of us fail?  Fact is, most of us dive into weight loss fueled by self-loathing and/or poor body image and not necessarily ready to actually get healthy and lose the weight.

Think of your body like your house.  Maybe at one time it was a showplace, meticulously cared for, and the talk of the neighborhood.  Or maybe it was always a bit of a fixer-upper.

Regardless, when you are ready to renovate your home you accept that it will take time, money, commitment, and a plan.  You know that your dream house isn’t going to appear on the curb tomorrow.  So why don’t we treat our bodies the same way?
You may think you’re ready to shed the fat that’s holding you back, but you might just be wrong.  And that might be why you keep failing.  So instead of jumping in with both feet, how about we take a look at some foundation issues.  As your Healthy Living coach I’ll walk you through it!

 Here are 5 Foundational Commitments For Successful Weight Loss:

  • Owning it.  Are you ready to accept where you are and how you got here?  Can you get on a scale, take your measurements, and pose for your before shots?  Are you willing to take a full inventory of your house as it stands?  What is the best part of your health & body?  What needs work?  Before you can begin you really do have to embrace your power, set aside all the blaming and complaining, and push through your fears.  No one and nothing made you gain weight.  Your choices brought you to this place (and yes, I understand how life happens but we are taking out power back) and better choices will take you someplace new.
  • Going all in.  Weight loss isn’t a one-off.  If you really want to discover your happiest, healthiest self, you are going to need to make a lifelong commitment to change.  We are not talking about a coat of paint.  We are talking about rebuilding the whole house and in order to keep it up you are going to need to learn new, permanent patterns of care taking of it.
  • Asking for help.  You would not hang a twelve foot sheet of drywall alone and you shouldn’t plan on redesigning your body alone either.  Look at your friends and family.  Who would be willing to lend a hand?  Who can you turn to when you cannot do the job alone?  This is important.  There are some people in your life who are naturally gifted and willing to share what they know to help you succeed, but you probably also know a few other people who make everything into a contest or who hoard their talents and never want to share.  And there are those that will try and sabotage your efforts. Learn the difference between these and enlist the help of those who will encourage you to get the job done.
  • Sticking to it.  During every renovation project I’ve ever witnessed, at some point the homeowners were ready to throw in the towel and move into a hotel.  Everything seems to take longer and require more energy than they expected.  Weight loss can be like that too.  There will be days when you are ready to wallow in a 9”x13” pan of brownies, but if you want to succeed, you’re going to need to stick to the plans and commitments you’ve made.  You have to know that a hotel room or a pan of brownies is a temporary fix and stay focussed.
  • Working hard.  Change doesn’t come easy.  If only we could click our heels together three times, say, “There’s no place like home!” and POOF, renovation complete, healthy, happy body ready to roll.  It just doesn’t work like that.  Remodeling your health and body is going to take real planning, sweat equity, and a willingness to do the dirty work.  You can absolutely build a beautiful, healthy house for your soul but you’ve got to be willing to put in the work.

All bodies have potential.  Regardless of their current state, there is room for improvement and the potential to create a healthy, happy home.  You know it’s true, your body is your house. 

Think about this … If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?



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