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Yes! You can stay healthy even over the holidays.



Nancy is a Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Weight Loss Coach. She is committed to helping you KILL the fat on your body and the F.A.T. in your mind (false assumed truths) that hold you back from living your best life.

Have you ever woken up on January 1st a bit disappointed in how you treated your body during the holiday season?
Come on, be honest!
As we gear up for Thanksgiving next week and then the holiday season to be in full swing, make sure you have a plan!
Without a plan in hand, it’s really tough to stick to your healthy living goals with all the festivities that have food, alcohol and sugar cookies floating around, not to mention the food pushers and saboteurs lurking in the shadows.

Enter ME with a bagful of tips and tricks…

  1. Don’t Skip Meals.
    It’s tempting to skip meals when you know you have a big party to go to or a holiday dinner to attend. But this is the worst thing you can do. Skipping meals always leads to overeating. Plus, you run the risk of that first sip of alcohol hitting you a bit too quickly!

    Instead of skipping meals, plan appropriately by adjusting your daily calories and macros. Eat lighter during the day, focus on protein, have a healthy snack or another light meal before you head out, and then leave a little room to splurge. Use the extra calories/macros you saved wisely and make sure it’s worth it. And if you are attending a lot of parties, decide beforehand which will be the ones’ you have a little splurge and which one’s you won’t – you are not depriving yourself, you are simply allocating your food budget appropriately because not all events are created equally. Just saying – that office party with all the store bought processed food might be worth the pass so you can enjoy the home made goodness at your friend’s event.

  2. Bring a Healthy Dish. If you’re headed to a private residence, offer to bring a healthy dish. This will please the host who is probably over-stressed with all the preparation. And it will also guarantee that you have something healthy and enjoyable to eat. Winning!

  3. Pass on the “Good” Foods. If you have read any of my blogs, you are familiar with my saying that indulgences must be mind-blowingly good. So if you take a bite of something and the reality of the taste doesn’t meet your expectations, stop eating it. There’s no reason to spend your precious calories on something that’s only “good”. I do this all the time with bread. First, it needs to look mind-blowingly delicious – hot and fresh. Then when I have that first bite, if the taste doesn’t match my expectation, I put it down. I don’t even give it a second chance.

  4. Drink Wisely. All those fancy cocktails and spiked egg nog contain a ton of calories. A ton! A Piña Colada or Cadillac Margarita or any other colorful drink with a floating holiday decoration sounds great – but could be in excess of 500 calories! Know what you’re drinking and work it into your plan.

    A light beer, a glass of wine, a vodka soda or tequila on the rocks would be a much better choice, calorically speaking. And if you’re in weight loss mode, be sure to review my prior blog, 3 Reasons Alcohol is NOT Your Friend.

  5. Plan Seconds. It’s perfectly okay to indulge moderately. But you need to be very selective about what earns its way onto your second helping (I am speaking here out of the assumption that you are not actually still hungry, but going for seconds because, hey, it’s the holidays). If you’re going back for seconds, the food has to earn its way onto your plate. How? By being mind-blowingly good, of course.

    Even then it’s probably not worth it. Studies have shown that the “food orgasm” (yes, this is a real term) only lasts for approximately 3 minutes. Think about that second holiday treat, is it worth feeling poorly for only 3 minutes of tastebud joy? Probably not.

  6. Ignore the Guilt Servings. At every party or food celebration, there is certainly going to be one or more food pushers who make it their mission to get you to eat something off plan. You’re an adult, it’s ok to act like one! Remember, nobody can guilt you into eating anything without your permission.

    It’s NOT rude to politely say no. Your health and your goals are way more important than the food pusher’s desires. Even if it’s Aunt Mildred with the fruitcake! (Is fruitcake even still around??)

    7. Move it, Love it, Rest it. As the holiday season gets hectic, it’s really easy to justify skipping your workouts, self-care and even cutting down on your sleep. This is the danger zone. Lack of sleep will lead to poor choices. And I don’t have to tell you what happens when you give up your healthy routines — hello stress and holiday weight gain!


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