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Nutrition, Wellness and Weight-Loss for Women Over 50

Who Want To Age Active And Healthy!

I'm here for YOU!

Are you sick and tired of the endless frustration that comes with dieting?

Feel like everything is a just a false promise or you only get short-lived results?

I'm here to give you straightforward, science-backed strategies that actually work. I cut through all the noise and confusion that's out there, and focus on what truly matters – your health, and your goals, especially as you hit your 50's and beyond. I'm excited to be a part of your journey towards unlocking your best self. Let's dive in together and make it happen.

Your potential is waiting, and I'm here to help you seize it.

Are you ready to take the leap?

plant-based nutrition certificate program graduate

My one main goal is to get you to yours!

Whether you embrace a vegan or fully plant-based lifestyle, are leaning into them, or currently follow the standard American diet, I am here to guide you in achieving the health, weight loss, and energy you desire. Together, we can make the second half of your life feel like the best half!

As we enter midlife, our bodies undergo changes, and it becomes clear that achieving optimal health and body goals isn't simply about eating less or exercising more. It goes beyond that. Whether your goals include weight loss, improved health, overcoming the midlife menopause middle, or transforming your body composition, there is a scientific approach to attaining them.

However, it's important to understand that achieving these goals requires more than just following a plan. It also demands a mindset shift and the right guidance to cultivate new habits. At NourishLIftGrow, I provide comprehensive coaching, group coaching, and a range of products and resources, all tailored to meet you where you are and help you reach your unique goals.



1:1 Coaching

TransformHER Program

For the women who wants MORE! More health, energy, vitality and results! This is for YOU!


Customized Group or Company Coaching

Gather your incredible group of friends and/or co-workers, because it's time to ignite your journey towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle, hand in hand. I'll take my premiere group coaching program, and customize a program just for you. Perfect for groups and small to medium sized business.


Plant Power
21 Days to Vegan

Whether you’re in it for your health or for the world, going vegan doesn’t have to be a tough transition anymore.


Simplified Nutrition/

Nutrition Simplified. Nourish and detoxity your body, improve your gut health, and lose weight with our done-for-you system perfect for all lifestyles.

You are one step closer to turning your goals into reality!

Still not sure what is the best fit for you?

Most women 45+ feel trapped by their diet and exercise routines, often caught in a cycle of frustration due to lack of results or changes that come with aging and trying to get healthy and fit. If this is you, I want you to know that your body hasn't failed you, and there is definitely hope. I specialize in helping women just like you navigate the challenges related to aging, by implementing the most impactful nutrition and fitness strategies. If you're fed up with going in circles and unsure of where to begin, I invite you to connect with me. We'll discuss your current situation, your aspirations, and I'll guide you towards clarity and the next steps tailored specifically for you. One call could be the key to unlocking your unstoppable energy and vibrant health.


Your solution starts today!

I help women master midlife, gain optimal health and energy, and reclaim the body they feel confident living in.
With me by your side, you will have a passionate accountability partner in your corner who is

100% dedicated to your success!

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Want MORE out of your days? More energy, vitality, confidence? Burnt out trying to cut through all the internet confusion when it comes to your health, nutrition and fitness? Ready to whine less about the results you are not getting and starting WINNING?! We got you! As your new coaching BFF's Nancy and Alicia want you not just to survive through life, but THRIVE! From nutrition to weight-loss, goal-setting to mindset, to severing ties from those BS lies that are holding you back, these powerhouses invite you to Give A Shift today. Why? Because having "been there and done that" themselves, they lend their expertise, personal insight, and testimonials to exemplify the deep impact our food, fitness and mental prowess can have on one's life.

Simple changes can yield big results!
Warning... this podcast is bound to create a shifted you!

What if one call could change your life?

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