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Hi, I’m Nancy, a Certified Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Online Personal Trainer

I specialize in working with women of all ages who struggle with losing weight, keeping it off, and want expert guidance, support and accountability so they can be their happiest, healthiest most confident self.  My approach is 100% client-centered with only one goal in mind…to get you to yours.

Celebrating the season while living a healthy and fit lifestyle is not only possible, it’s easy and fun! All it takes is a little planning an creativity. This guide contains simple and delicious recipes that will keep you on track with your goals, while still enjoying everything the holdiays have to offer!

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Ultimate total transformation. You and me. One-on-One.

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Motivated by others? Group fat loss and fitness coaching.


Transform on your own time with my self-guided programs.

Change your habits, Change your life

Are you ready to say good-bye to excuses and hello to a healthier, fitter you?

I’m here to tell you that it’s entirely possible, and I’m living proof. Whether you want to train for your first 5K, sail through your daily to-dos, finally retire your “mom jeans”, or hit the waves in your bikini with the confidence of a Baywatch babe, I can help you lose weight and get fit while having fun. The best part? When you work with me, there’s no deprivation. No body shaming, self-punishment or guilt trips. No one-size-fits-all plan. We go WAY beyond diet and exercise to create a healthy lifestyle change that works for you. One that’s simple to follow and easy to sustain, and answers all of those “buts” that have been stalling your results and draining your motivation. (But I don’t have time…I don’t know if it’ll work…I don’t want it to be complicated…I don’t like green juice…I have to feed more than me…I’m too far gone to change…) Ready to get back to your active self again, so you can start seizing those joyful moments that have been coasting on by? I’m right beside you!

Let me show you how to commit to a happier life & healthier body today…

I’m Nancy, a holistic health & weight loss coach, personal trainer, paddleboard instructor, ocean lover, simple cook, and single mom who is living my fullest life in my best body (even though I’ve passed the big 5-0).

I’ve always believed that age is just a number, but healthy is a choice — and that a good life is measured in happiness, not in years.

The way I see it: You can throw in the towel, decide it’s too late to make a change, let your dreams go adrift, and give up on the limitless life and badass body you want… Or with simple nutritional guidelines, transformative self-care, and my you’ve-got-this! accountability — you can free the strong, sexy and spirited woman that’s still sizzling within you.

You’ve spent SO many years taking care of everyone else (and getting rundown in the process). Isn’t it about time you loved on yourself a little?

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Check out this cookie-in-a-jar recipe (a-mazing!) 

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Ramp up your metabolism over the holidays with this…

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Healthy & Delicious Holiday Drinks For Every Occasion



This guide contains simple and delicious recipes that will keep you on track with your goals while still enjoying everything the holdiays have to offer!




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